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ionopure Purity System

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Purity Air Unit - The ionopure Purity Air System is brilliantly designed to deliver a steady mist of ionopure Air solution into every corner of the room, cleaning both the air and surfaces. The Purity Unit holds 4.5 liters and covers large open spaces. And, in contrast to air-filtering devices which require air to be pulled across the room into the unit, the Purity System cleans the “near air” between people who are talking with one another.

What’s in it?

The ionopure Air solution*, designed for the Purity System, uses the same compounds our body naturally produces to fight pathogens, the Purity System can be used around people, pets, and plants. The solution, having been electrolyzed from salt and water, dissipates through use so it does not damage the environment, making it cleaner than traditional cleaning products. It also contains no added fragrances.

Is it safe?
Acute toxicity studies conducted by an independent laboratory indicated a solution 4 times this concentration to be mild and non-irritating.

How long does one pouch last?
One 2L pouch of ionopure Air will last approximately 5 hours on high, 9.5 hours on medium, and 14 hours on low.

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